Is VR Dangerous for Our Culture?

November 26, 2018

Setting up a room with an advanced VR kit, and wiring it to your PC may seem like a simple task and secure in the beginning but actually it is not. We can never neglect the dangers and threats the VR bring along. Some of the VR freaks might not agree with this fact but it is true. The risk of VR sickness, nausea, tripping and falling down because of the wires and even eye fatigue or sickness is always there.

Below we will look at some major problems or threats posed by the VR and they are usually neglected. Although the threats posed by the VR are not very impactful in nature but can be, if not dealt properly or timely.

VR Sickness

Most of the people who have experienced the VR gameplay are often found complaining of some common issues such as nausea, virtual reality sickness and also neurological effects. After playing a fast-paced game on the VR you might feel a bit dizzy. For others, it can be the complete opposite, if they play a very slow game they might feel dizzy. This condition is different for different people. But almost all the VR users experience it every now and then.

It is advised by the manufacturers that you should take frequent breaks while you are enjoying your VR and this should never be forgotten. Long sessions of VR can be harmful to your health and well-being.

Losing the Sight of Things Around you

Another threat that the VR brings along is that while you have a VR headset on you cannot see anything around you. Although some gaming consoles come with a camera to provide you with that sight but it is not that effective. Most people when playing a game like to turn the camera feature off to concentrate properly on the game. Because of this fact, you can hit anything or anyone around you.

The Wires

Most of the VR kits come along with long cords and wires to be connected with your PC. There is always a risk that you can trip and fall down because of these wires, so it is important that you should place the wires properly to reduce this risk. 

The VR brings the Screen Very Close to the Eyes

We all know when you are using a VR headset the screen is just 1 inch away from the eyes and this can be really damaging to the eyes. Even most of the optometrist doesn’t acknowledge frequent use of VR.  

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