Virtual Reality VS augmented reality: What are the differences

December 4, 2018

The terms Virtual Reality (or VR) or Augmented Reality (or AR) aren’t only similar in sound but they both have the ability to change the way how we perceive our surrounding? Both the technologies are really exciting and some great work is being done to further enhance their applications.

Most people think Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the same things. They are actually pretty different from each and in this article, we will explain how.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality modifies real-live scenarios with digital additions like sound, visual elements, and sensors to give more meaning and add more information. The mobile world is seeing a growing trend of AR where digital objects are inserted into certain images to create a different perspective of the situation.

Augmented reality, without changing our real world, adds more virtual things to our environment – giving it more meaning, and adding a completely different perspective to it. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is not dependent on a headset and so, gives more opportunities to users like marketers, medical doctors, engineers, and others.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an un-real environment created with the help of software. The experience created is given to a user usually through a headset. The user then finds himself in the imaginary world and begins to accept it as a real environment. This is how immersive the experience in the virtual reality can be.

Typically on a computer, a user using primarily his senses of sound and sight experiences Virtual Reality. One of the simplest forms of virtual reality is seeing a 3d image on your computer screen. This VR experience uses only your sense of sight.

Virtual reality is commonly being used to create a simulation of real-life objects, places or events. This simulation can be used for training and education purposes. Another application of virtual reality is when developers create a simulation of a completely artificial surrounding – this is particularly used in game development.


In a nutshell, the main difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is that with virtual reality you can play basketball with Michael Jordan and with augmented reality you can watch Michael Jordan throw a ball at you right from your business card.

Both these technologies are seeing some major development and interest of some of the major tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft. With so much at stake, VR and AR are all set to change the world.

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